In this dog sport, the dog must independently, under the guidance of its owner, use distance work, impulse control and a lot of skill to move large exercise balls into a goal with its nose. Treibball challenges the dog mentally and physically while at the same time is promoting teamwork and communication with the owner. Young dogs enjoy it just as much as older dogs who no longer like wild chasing around. Treibball is not about pointless pushing of balls back and forth, but rather about targeted tasks and coordinated cooperation between dog and human.

Treibball sounds easy at first. But steering the dog from ball to ball and getting it to push it in a certain direction is quite a challenge. It requires an attentive and obedient dog as well as an owner who can communicate clearly. Basic obedience and impulse control at a distance play a very important role.  

Fridays at 6 p.m. - 7 p.m. (meeting point at the training area under the A5 Niederursel bridge)      

Single Session (ca 60 min)            25€ 
Pack of 5 Sessions (á 60 Min)    125€ 
Pack of 10 Sessions (á 60 Min)  250€ 

The hours can be booked flexibly. Participation does not have to be processed in blocks. Sessions paid for a group training can be used for all other TeamHundMensch group activities. Cancellations are possible at short notice and free of charge.