1:1 Puppy Training 

Yes, a puppy initially means a lot of work and patience. But the time and training you invest now will pay off later when your little darling has grown from a sweet 2 kilo cuddly to a stormy 25 kilo tomboy.

In this individual training at your home, I will help you with your puppy up to 4 months old with the classic topics such as house training, biting, barking, staying alone and going for a walk. I'll show you how to set boundaries lovingly but consistently right from the start, explain you his needs and behaviour and practice with you the most important things for being together respectfully and well-behaved both indoors and outdoors. These include “Leave it,” “not yours” , name conditioning, and impulse control. 

Why not just puppy school? Firstly, puppies can only concentrate for a very short time in the beginning. A 45–60-minute session is often too long and is then simply filled up by letting them play. On the other hand, you should first do the basic exercises in a quiet, familiar environment, i.e. alone at home. For socialization, I offer free puppy play sessions (Sunday mornings, request information), where your little rascal can let off steam with other dogs of the same age as well as older, smaller, social dogs under supervision and guidance. 

And once the basics are in place, you can switch seamlessly to the focus group lessons.     

Dates: Booking flexibly according to your schedule.    

Single Lesson (60 min)                            75€ 
3-session Package (á 60 min)               180€ 
5-session Package (á 60 min)               275€ 
Follow Up Sessions (á 45min)                 55€/each* 

*Can only be booked after completing a package. 

I do not charge for any additional minutes or kilometers (up to 25km).