What is Degility?

This new activity is a mixture of agility and mobility for your dog and therefore targeted exercise training. Sometimes you have to complete a simple obstacle course, sometimes you have to manage challenging exercises at the various stations with different levels of difficulty. Unlike agility, it's not about “faster, higher, further”, but rather about concentration, coordination and body awareness. This sport is therefore very suitable for dogs with behavioral problems that tend to be hyperactive, aggressive or anxious.   

Age and/or physical fitness do not matter for your dog or for you. Some degility tasks are particularly beneficial for dogs with musculoskeletal problems, as they support muscle building and do not put as much strain on the joints. A meaningful activity without pressure but with a high fun factor and learning experience. Just a nice hobby to share. 

Wednesdays at 6-7 p.m. (meeting point Koppel at the Alt-Niederursel cemetery)    

Single Session (ca 90 min)            25€ 
Pack of 5 Sessions (á 90 Min)    125€ 
Pack of 10 Sessions (á 90 Min)  250€ 

The hours can be booked flexibly. Participation does not have to be processed in blocks. Sessions paid for a group training can be used for all other TeamHundMensch group activities. Cancellations are possible at short notice and free of charge.