Hi, I'm Martina …

Different to most dog trainers, I didn't have the privilege of growing up with dogs. Animals were not tolerated in our home. So, I fulfilled my desire to work with animals for the first time during my apprenticeship, when I began education as a horse trainer against my parents wishes. Unfortunately, the corporate business world caught up with me. After years as an international manager jetting around the world, I was finally able to dedicate my time to animals after I got married.

I was particularly fascinated by their behaviour and motivation. Many hours in dog parks and dog care centres, as well as years of working in rescue organizations, as a dog walker, in veterinary practices and in various dog schools taught me a lot about how dogs behave and how they communicate. After a one-year, practical, full-time apprenticeship as a dog trainer in Toronto, I took the examination to become a certified dog trainer according to §11 upon my return to Germany.

Here I looked over the shoulders of Martin Rütter, Andreas Ohligschläger and Perdita Lübbe, and attended many seminars by experts in dog training and behaviour, such as Ute Heberer, Ziemer & Falke, Christopher Deschl, Maren Grote, Melanie Lippisch and Daniel Joeres. 

This insider know-how as well as the studies on behavioural research plus the findings from observations with stray dogs offer a huge pool of knowledge with which I can design my training method and tailor it individually to each type of dog.

I look forward to helping you become a great team with your dog.