Our Training

We go to dog school so that the dog learns all the important obedience commands. We regularly take our dog to the dog park to train and educate the dog. Because if the dog is obedient, living together will be perfect. Is that really true?

For a harmonious relationship, not only does the dog have to “work”, but we as owners also have to take on a leading role. But for many dog owner exactly this it's not that easy.

THM shows you how you can assert yourself with your dog without endangering the relationship. You will learn to communicate using body language and therefore be more understandable to your dog. You will experience that setting boundaries, consistently and fairly, is not that difficult and actually beneficial for a reliable, trusting relationship.

I will help you and your furry friend to become a team and build a strong, trusting bond. You will learn to understand the dog and thereby be able to answer many of the “why does he do that?” questions yourself. I'll show you how you can translate your expectations of your dog in a dog-friendly way so that many unnecessary misunderstandings don't arise in the first place. I will practice with you how to control your dog confidently, but always in a friendly and positive manner; so that your dog feels treated fairly and understood by you.

Behavioral change in dogs begins with their owner. This change is a process that requires time, work and, above all, courage. But it's never too late to become a great team!