To keep your dog busy through activities is very much about enriching your dog's life. Because practicing natural behaviors is one of your dog's basic needs. This includes playing with you or other dogs (social exercise), sufficient walking (physical exercise), training and thinking tasks (mental exercise) and, ideally, exercise that is typical of the breed (cycling with hounds, sniffing with hunting dogs, etc.). 
In case you're shocked now: enriching the life of your dog doesn't have to be complicated! Your dog doesn't expect a 24/7 entertainment program from you. And too much is not beneficial either, if your dog starts getting overtired or hyper. But having a hobby with you that satisfies his natural needs and is also fun, keeps him fit (mentally and physically) and strengthens your bond. 
For this purpose, TeamHundMensch offers the activity program with Degility for concentration, body awareness and self-confidence; with Treibball for herding instinct, basic obedience and sportive action; with mantrailing for sniffing, hunting and capturing (treats); with apportility for team-work, impulse control and thinking; and with social walks for social contact and physical exercise. 

Find something that you can fit in your schedule regularly and that is fun for you and the dog! 

I look forward welcoming you in one of the courses!