Social Walks

This term simply means a learning walk that puts a special focus on the presence of other dogs and people. A small group (max. 7 participants) meets to take their dogs on a walk in beautiful nature (mostly on a leash and at a safe distance). If the dogs know each other, the owners agree and it is not wild animal breeding season, we sometimes walk the dogs without a leash. The point here is not that the dogs meet to play with each other, but rather that they learn to remain calm and available even in a group.

This means that the fearful/insecure dog learns that other dogs/people aren't so bad. Here the reactive dog senses that you can accept the presence of other dogs in a relaxed manner. The social dog learns to walk calmly alongside other dogs without constantly jumping them.

We humans learn not to constantly call after our dog or constantly watch him. Or to stay calm when our dog moves a little further away. We learn to understand body language and do the right thing in a timely manner, even if sometimes that just means not losing your nerve.

Social walks are a great training element in which the dog can gain nice and relaxed experiences in the presence of other dogs. Small exercises on obedience, dexterity or impulse control increase the training effect.

Sundays, 11 a.m. (meeting point depending on weather and season; communicated via WhatsApp).    

Single Session (ca 90 min)            25€ 
Pack of 5 Sessions (á 90 Min)    125€ 
Pack of 10 Sessions (á 90 Min)  250€ 

The hours can be booked flexibly. Participation does not have to be processed in blocks. Sessions paid for a group training can be used for all other TeamHundMensch group activities. Cancellations are possible at short notice and free of charge.