"Team-Hund-Mensch" - the somewhat different dog school ...

"In the dog school he listens to every word", "The commands always work fine in the dog park". Does this comment from friends or acquaintances or even about your own dog sound familiar to you?

The dog school is a great place for your furry friend to experience and learn to be around and play with other dogs. The well-known "sit, place, heel" can also be practiced there. But life happens outside, while walking, in shopping centres, in parks and in the middle of busy streets. And last but not least, especially at your home.

"Team-Hund-Mensch" helps you and your darling to become a team and to build a strong, trusting bond. I will help you understand your dog and thereby be able to answer many of the “Why is he doing this?” questions yourself. I will show you how to translate your expectations on your dog in a dog-friendly way, so that many unnecessary misunderstandings do not arise. 

I will practice with you to handle your dog confidently but always in a friendly and positive manner, so that your dog feels that it​ is being treated fairly and understood. I work with non-forceful and positive methods, but that doesn't mean that we don’t draw lines. Lovingly consistent, fair, understandable and benevolent. Your dog will be grateful.