"Team-Hund-Mensch" - the somewhat different dog school ...

The dog school is a great place for your furry friend, to learn the classic commands (sit, down, stay, etc). But hundreds of dog ​books also provide this information as well as the numerous videos on the internet. In addition, life unfortunately does not take place in an tucked away, fenced-in meadow, but outside, while taking a walk, in the shopping center, in the park and in the middle of busy traffic. And most importantly, in your own home. 
“Team-Dog-Human” therefore prefers to start training in your own four walls. The way all family members interact with the dog already provides a lot of information about your relationship. 

TeamHundMensch places focus to make you and your dog a team by creating a strong and trusting bond. I will help you understand your dog and thereby being able to answer many of the “Why is he doing that?” questions yourself. I'll show you how to adjust your expectations of your dog in a dog-friendly way so that many unnecessary misunderstandings do not arise in the first place. I practice with you to lead your dog confidently and consistently, but always in a friendly manner, so that your dog respects you and feels understood and treated fairly.   

I work non-violently and with positive methods. That doesn't mean that I don't teach how to set limits. A good relationship is where conflicts are not avoided but resolved. But always lovingly consistent, fair and clear communicated. Your dog will thank you for it.