Apportility is an innovative dog sport that combines the elements of agility and retrieving in a unique way. 

The dog and owner complete an exciting course over various obstacles while the dog retrieves objects at the same time. 

Who is suitable for Apportility? Any dog, from 6 months to old, who is looking for fun and needs exercise, can take part. 

Your dog isn't retrieving yet? We then systematically build on this element in the introductory course. Is your dog already retrieving reliably and safely? Then you can start the beginner’s course straight away. 

The agility part is aimed primarily at dogs who are hungry for exercise and who need physical exercise with orientation towards their owner. The retrieving part satisfies the hunting desire. 

The sessions take place in a weatherproof location with minimal distractions and easy parking right outside the door. 

Introduction Course             (starting in July, dates will be announced) 
Beginners Course                 (starting in July, dates will be announced)     

Single Session                      25€ 
Pack of 5 Sessions            125€ 
Pack of 10 Sessions          250€ 

The hours can be booked flexibly. Participation does not have to be processed in blocks. Sessions paid for a group training can be used for all other TeamHundMensch group activities. Cancellations are possible at short notice and free of charge.